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  • 1. What exactly confirms the quality of our products?

    The quality of our products is confirmed by the quality certificates that anyone can readhere and here

  • 2. What is warming and cooling gels?

    Warming gels

    Hot-warming ointments, gels, thanks to the substances contained in them (for example: extract of pepper, which increases the permeability of capillaries), increase blood supply (flushing) of the tissue locally, and as a result increase heat transfer. Immediately after injury, warming up ointments can not be used, because immediately after the damage to the tissue should be cooled rather than warmed up.


    Cooling gels

    Cooling balms-gels do not have such an irritating effect as hypermobility, so they can be applied immediately after injury. The adjective "cooling" does not mean that gels actually lower the temperature, they only create a sense of cooling. Cooling gel balms, due to analgesics and anticoagulants, menthol, essential oils, and sometimes alcohol that are part of it, pain relief and soothe the place of damage

    With fresh injuries you can rub the ointment so as not to cause hyperemia of tissues. It's just to put a remedy on the skin and wait until it is absorbed. For this purpose, suitable means are in the form of a gel, which have a better absorption capacity and cooling effect.

  • 3. Varicose veins

    Varicose disease progresses rapidly and is poorly treated. To combat pathology, a complex of measures is needed that must be carried out for life. These include the use of external agents such as gel, ointment or cream from varicose veins. Their effectiveness is due to the presence in their composition of substances that have a beneficial effect on the vessels.

    Often, prescribe gels and creams that are better dressed, and, therefore, are more effective than ointments that have a fat and dense basis.

  • 4. How to resist the disease of varicose veins?

    Chestnut gel with routine - vasodilator and anti-edema, which improves microcirculation, reduces the fragility of capillaries, which has anti-inflammatory effect. Assign at the initial stage of varicose disease, with bruises and edema of the legs, with high loads on the vessels. The basis of the gel is an extract of horse chestnut. But it can not be applied to damaged areas of the skin and with trophic ulcers.

    Active ingredient gel is vitamin P (rutin). He, penetrating through the skin, affects the cell's level. As a result, the permeability of their membranes decreases and the vessel wall is reliably protected from the traumatic effects of free radicals. With constant use reduced puffiness, a vasomotor activity appears, and, as a result, pain decreases. The remedy is well tolerated, but it is better not to use it in the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • 5. What will help to reduce the expansion of the veins on the legs?

    Whoever loves to sit for a long time, he must abandon this devastating habit. A long seat helps to increase the varicose veins, as in the curved, fixed legs the blood circulation is slowed down. Put a little in the transport, during the working day, pick up a little bit of your feet - in general, move more.

    If during a day you have to sit for a long time on a chair, for example, when working on a computer, perform simple exercises from time to time.

    • 1. Sitting on a chair, raise socks and knees 10 times. This will help a bit to restore the flow of blood to the heart.
    • 2. Stand on socks, pull, do it 10 times.
    • 3. Sitting on a chair, bend your knees, move your heels forward and back 15 times.

    For people who spend the whole day on their feet, you should also be worried about varicose veins. When your feet experience a heavy load, the blood stagnates in the vessels, causing varicose enlargement.

    Move as often as possible. Movement is life, an axiom is known to all. The movement does not allow stagnation in the blood, it causes the muscles in the legs to contract, which helps the intensive movement of the blood to the heart. You can make your life more dynamic by using various means such as walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, shaping, swimming, exercises. Physical exercises will not allow blood to stagnate in the vessels, the tissues of the legs will become elastic and will not allow the vessels to stretch out on their legs.

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